Who does MyLegal help?

The demands on legal departments have never been greater. How can you flatten the hiring curve and reduce departmental costs, while at the same time deliver excellent service to employees and vendors? How do you keep your staff happy and motivated? How does your in-house legal department build a reputation for operational excellence with an ever-increasing workload and limited resources? This is where MyLegal comes in.

MyLegal combines automated workflow accessed through a centralized, easy-to-use, collaborative self-service portal. We do not just provide a suite of the most commonly sought-after legal applications, MyLegal is built on the AgilePoint low-code/no-code automation platform. This allows non-technical personnel the ability and freedom to build and maintain the department’s applications to fit their emerging needs.

Can we help your legal department run more smoothly? Absolutely. But we also give you the tools to shift the perception of legal operations from a cost center to an agent of measurable change.

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