Non-legal employees don’t seem to know the best way to request help from the legal department. They send emails. They make phone calls. They might even have a help desk where they can submit a request. Legal department intranet pages are typically information resource tools and do not promote collaboration.

Once a request is submitted, the employee doesn’t know if anyone received it, whether the request was routed to the right person, or if the request provided enough detail to process the request. The status of the request is not typically available and thus, an endless chain of emails, requiring more information, supporting documents, and status checking begins. Processes take longer, require more resources to complete, and there is no record of what was done.

MyLegal combines automated workflow with self-service functionality, accessed through a centralized, easy-to-use, collaborative portal. Employees benefit from always having access to one place for all things legal. Users can make requests, submit tickets, get a referenceable ID number, see the status of their requests, and access a history listing of all the requests they have made.

Employee Self-service

Provide simplified access to the legal department for requests, self-service, and tracking.

Automated Intake

Standardize intake of matters, invoices and service requests for accuracy.


Collaborate more effectively with department staff, employees, outside counsel and service providers.