Immediate ROI

Departments struggle with long and costly technology projects. These are typically the purchase of a legal department point solution (CLM, ELM, CM, etc.), or a custom application developed by IT, in tools that only IT can use and/or support. In both cases, legal departments lose. They don’t gain value from a solution immediately, and they waste money, ultimately paying for tailoring and maintaining point solutions or custom applications.

Customers typically deploy solutions that match their needs within 4-6 weeks from the purchase of MyLegal. This speeds the time-to-value, lowers resource involvement, and increases the speed of your digital transformation initiative. Instead of being beholden to IT, in most cases, the legal staff can contribute to the project and ongoing support of the deployed applications. MyLegal will prove to be the lowest total cost of ownership of anything in your department’s tech stack.

Pre-developed Solutions

Deploy highly tailored applications without the need for lengthy project efforts.


Build apps faster without dependency on IT or developers.

Citizen Development

Legal department staff can build and maintain applications without dependence on the vendor, IT or developers.