Citizen Development

The ability to build applications has historically been designated to professional coders, however, low-code/no-code technology has democratized the skill and ability to build applications that anyone can do it. That said, it depends on the platform and how far that platform will take you before you need to call in a developer.

With MyLegal and the AgilePoint platform, legal department staff and managers can be agents of change: not only are they able to modify existing apps and build new apps on their own, but they also use their skills and expertise to inspire a sense of shared purpose within the team and beyond.

With MyLegal, citizen development will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up project activities through the adoption of digital solutions and automation of workflows.

Automation Platform

Automate your legal work processes to provide easier ways for people to collaborate with the department.


The AgilePoint digital process automation platform allows you to promote scalable growth by optimizing and automating operational processes.