Legal IT

As the liaison between the legal department and IT, you are likely to find yourself in a no-win position. Legal has an urgent need for technology, but IT is also contending with high demands from other, higher-priority departments, leaving legal a lower priority.

IT departments focus on using coding and/or complex service platforms to deliver solutions. Often applications that IT builds involve a long, arduous process, and the applications end up being standalone solutions that only IT can maintain. You need to bring better alternatives to the table.

Solutions that can stand up immediately

Solutions that are implemented quickly

Solutions designed exclusively for the legal department, NOT the customer support team

Solutions that are cost effective

Solutions supported by the legal department, NOT the IT department

Enter MyLegal, which combines automated workflow with self-service functionality, accessed through a centralized, easy-to-use, and collaborative portal. Now you can deliver what the department needs faster and more cost-effectively than other approaches. We do not just provide a suite of the most commonly sought-after legal applications, MyLegal is built on the AgilePoint low-code/no-code automation platform. This allows non-technical personnel the ability to build and maintain the department’s applications to fit their emerging needs.


Build apps faster without dependency on IT or developers.

Automation Platform

Automate your legal work processes to provide easier ways for people to collaborate with the department.

Pre-developed Solutions

Deploy highly tailored applications without the need for lengthy project efforts.

Citizen Development

Legal department staff can build and maintain applications without dependence on the vendor, IT or developers.