Outside Counsel

For the most part, the process of submitting invoices is working for law firms. However, many firms still struggle with legal departments when making requests on a day-to-day basis. Work processes such as invoice payment status, timekeeper updates, matter updates and closures, budgeting and accruals, and vendor onboarding and updates, continue to be managed through emails and spreadsheets.

These types of requests are typically sent to a common email box. Often, they are delayed due to inaccurate or missing information. Since automation is missing, requests are often not routed properly and thus they are not resolved quickly or efficiently. This costs both the firm and the department time and money.


Automated Intake

Standardize intake of matters, invoices and service requests for accuracy.

Request Triage

Triage requests faster through intelligent routing, review and approval processes.

Pre-developed Solutions

Deploy highly tailored applications without the need for lengthy project efforts.