December 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the December Edition of the MyLegal Newsletter


2022 In Review
What a whirlwind 2022 has been…  
At the outset of the year, we saw legal operations leaders continue their focus on a number of priorities including refining existing ELM systems, controlling and reducing spend, and reviewing and procuring CLM solutions.  
Meanwhile, the Legal Automation Group (LAGL) team worked feverishly to build out its innovative MyLegal Automation Platform, targeting a commercial release in May at the 2022 CLOC Global Institute in Las Vegas. 


Pain Point Survey for Legal Operations

‘Tis the season for legal industry surveys!

In tandem with one of our consulting partners, Sarah Kavanagh at ClarkKavanagh Consulting, we have built a Pain Point Survey to identify the biggest challenges for legal operations personnel.

Here is your chance to make known those daily work activities that are inhibiting productivity and effectiveness. Please share as many examples as possible.

In the new year, we will compile the data and publish the results in our February 2023 MyLegal Newsletter.


The MyLegal 2023 Partner Program

To support our rapid growth, MyLegal is developing an extensive partner program that will include three key segments:  technology partners, service delivery partners, and cloud hosting/managed service partners.

“Customer engagements have brought forth nuanced use cases which require additional layers of technology to complement the MyLegal Automation Platform”, said Legal Automation Group’s CEO, Jim Tate. “As such, we continue to look for technology partners to expand our offering to address every conceivable corporate legal department use case”. 


How Important Is Scalability in An Automation Platform?

In our last newsletter, we noted how when purchasing an automation platform, legal operations departments get enamored with the citizen development/build-side of the solution, often overlooking the importance of having best-in-class runtime management capabilities (to read, click here). Today we are focusing on scalability. 

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