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Legal Operations Heartbeat: Workflow vs. Automation

Is there really a difference between workflow and enterprise grade automation? In this article, I provide some context as it relates to workflow functionality that is contained within typical department application specific platforms, and workflow tools that are common to legal departments.  

Legal Department Solution Workflows
As I walked the exhibitor hall at the recent 2023 CLOC Global Institute, I saw a growing number of CLM vendors in attendance. In some ways this reflects the current priorities of today’s legal operations leaders. Priorities appear to be shifting to department efficiency through automated processes.

With CLM top of mind, many attendees came by the MyLegal booth to talk with the “workflow” vendor to share their experiences trying to automate within their platform, for the most part unsuccessfully. We have heard for years that the same was true with the ELM systems departments were trying to implement.

When automating alongside these platforms, we learned…

MyLegal Technology Spotlight: MyLegal 2.0

At the recent 2023 CLOC Global Institute in May, Legal Automation Group, LLC released version 2.0 of its MyLegal Legal Front Door and Automation Platform.

With this new release the development focus was to create a best-in-class customer experience for all users accessing the system, including those making a request of the legal department e.g., employees or external partners like outside counsel and service providers, as well as legal staff working the requests.

The primary MyLegal 2.0 design enhancements centered around the UI/UX elements of its Legal Front Door (LFD) / Collaboration portal. These included:

MyLegal Partner Spotlight: UpLevel Ops 

We are proud to partner with UpLevel Ops, a certified Woman-Owned and operated Legal Operations consulting firm that defines its work with a focus on people and process.Together we can drive clients to the most successful outcomes in technology implementation projects. With decades of in-the-trenches, in-house Legal Ops experience, UpLevel creates bespoke strategic and advisory solutions to assist Legal departments as they move up the Legal Operations maturity curve. UpLevel provides custom consulting solutions that fit the precise needs of its clients, whether in providing Legal Operations expertise clients may not yet have, or in extending the capabilities of overburdened Legal Operations teams.

In addition to helping clients assess and design solutions for the broadest spectrum of Legal Operations challenges, UpLevel specializes in workflow automation and contract lifecycle management readiness, process design, and implementation project management. Workflow automation tools are essential for the modern enterprise, and the modern legal department. Whether clients are focused on legal request intake from the business, driving self-service contracting, or automating repeated processes such as conflicts-of-interest checks or stock sale clearances, these tools provide a flexible, scalable solution to enable business teams, while freeing up valuable legal team time for higher-value, higher-risk work.

No matter where you are on your workflow automation journey, UpLevel recommends the following:

MyLegal In The News!

EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2023/ — Legal Automation Group, LLC (LAGL), the developers of MyLegalTM, announced today the release of version 2.0 of the MyLegal Legal Front Door and Automation Platform.

MyLegal is an innovative solution for overwhelmed and under-resourced legal departments. It combines automated workflows accessed through a centralized, collaborative portal, with self-service functionalities, and is comprised of more than 25 of the most sought-after department work processes.

MyLegal combines a Legal Front Door with an Enterprise Grade Low Code/No Code Automation Platform to create a single, future-proof digital transformation solution. The platform enables rapid development of custom applications, as well as the configuration of each of the MyLegal pre-built applications, to meet each company’s exact needs with little or no coding.

EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2023/ — Legal Automation Group, LLC (LAGL) the developers of MyLegalTM, announced an Alliance Partnership Agreement with UpLevel Ops, a leading consulting firm that specializes in corporate legal operations. The partnership leverages UpLevel Ops’ advisory and legal technology expertise to assist with implementation services for the MyLegal Legal Front Door and Automation Platform.

“Productivity improvement, efficiency gains and cost reductions are major drivers of automation within today’s corporate legal departments,” said Legal Automation Group’s CEO & Co-Founder, Jim Tate. “To support the growing demand for our MyLegal platform, we have partnered with UpLevel Ops. They bring a deep understanding of legal operations and various legal technology offerings, making them the perfect partner to assist us with our client implementations.”

“Legal technology advisory services including project prioritization, technology review and selection, and ROI justification are core to our consultancy,” said Stephanie Corey, Co-Founder & General Partner. “Working with a variety of legal technologies we have come to understand the transformational aspects of MyLegal’s Legal Front Door and Automation platform. We welcome the opportunity to work with the Legal Automation Group team to deliver effective implementations of the MyLegal Platform.”

To learn more ….

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