MyLegal Technology Spotlight: MyLegal 2.0

At the recent 2023 CLOC Global Institute in May, Legal Automation Group, LLC released version 2.0 of its MyLegal Legal Front Door and Automation Platform.

With this new release the development focus was to create a best-in-class customer experience for all users accessing the system, including those making a request of the legal department e.g., employees or external partners like outside counsel and service providers, as well as legal staff working the requests.

The primary MyLegal 2.0 design enhancements centered around the UI/UX elements of its Legal Front Door (LFD) / Collaboration portal. These included:

Expanded My Apps Functionality – A core element of the MyLegal LFD user interface is its centralized application launcher. This functionality provides easy access to all MyLegal applications, and now also to other department apps. We have extended the launch tiles to include a general description of the application, and it is now possible to configure your application tiles to display links to video tutorials and/or related application information. Lastly, enhanced application tile categorization capabilities allow users to better organize their applications to more closely match their needs and work activities.

Updated Form Design – MyLegal now supports a more contemporary form design which includes a category color scheme that matches the application launch tiles to more easily identify applications from the same category, or group within the department.

Enhanced Personalization – MyLegal has extended its personalization capabilities which are designed to tailor the user experience to the various stakeholders, thereby speeding up intake and request processing, and reducing user errors.

Updated User Site Design – MyLegal portal pages have been redesigned to display one set of functionalities at a time. This improves navigation, and reduces page scrolling.

Aesthetic improvements – The new and improved MyLegal portal page now includes features such as a configurable welcome banner, which lets the user know if they have tasks to work on.

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