Webinar: MyLegal Sneak Peak – Consultants and Influencers

Join us May 5th at 12:00 PM Pacific for an informative session from guest speakers Eyal Iffergan, Managing Director at Hyperion Global Partners and Jim Tate, Co-founder & CEO, MyLegal. They will be joined the best and brightest legal tech consultants and key influencers.

We will discuss past, current, and emerging technology approaches, and how new automation done right, brings about transformation at a much faster pace, improving time-to-value for legal spending. 

Not only will we be giving you a first look at MyLegal, we will also be detailing how corporate legal departments that use MyLegal as a cornerstone solution of their legal technology stack are achieving unsurpassed efficiency while reducing costs – shattering legal department automation barriers! 

Access the Webinar Recording

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