Service Providers

Service providers that support corporate legal departments often lack the tools needed to streamline service requests from law firms and employees. 

Most existing solutions require you to set up a general email box. The challenges with traditional approaches are that the request almost always has missing information, leading to delays in service provider response times. Extracting the missing information needed to route the request to the proper triage group is challenging and time consuming.

As part of the MyLegal platform purchase, corporate legal departments can provide service desk capabilities to their service providers at no additional cost. Pre-built service desk applications can be tailored to meet the needs of both organizations, without the need for custom coding.

Our standard integrations to nearly 70 of the most common applications and 8 most-leveraged legal department applications drastically reduce redundant data entry and improve workflow.

Automated Intake

Standardize intake of matters, invoices and service requests for accuracy.

Request Triage

Triage requests faster through intelligent routing, review and approval processes.

Pre-developed Solutions

Deploy highly tailored applications without the need for lengthy project efforts.

Unparalleled Integrations

More standard integrations than any other platform, making time-to-value shorter.