Request Triage

Many legal departments lack standardized methods for triaging incoming requests. In most cases, the requests are random, coming from multiple locations and via different methods. Some vendors will tell you that you can automate these random types of requests. The truth is – time is lost for both the requestor and the legal staff when too little information is provided or is not standardized. Until there is some form of standardization, it will be nearly impossible to make effective service requests and triage them in an efficient manner.

MYLegal takes a different approach. By ensuring that requests are made with a complete set of information, they can be triaged more effectively and routed to the proper team. Collected information can be used for conditional logic, therefore adding or bypassing certain steps, based on your desired workflow.  

All company employees can easily be trained to request services and get the best support available from the legal department.


Collaborate more effectively with department staff, employees, outside counsel and service providers.

Automation Platform

Automate your legal work processes to provide easier ways for people to collaborate with the department.