Pain Point Survey

Pain Point Survey for Legal Operations

‘Tis the season for legal industry surveys!

In tandem with one of our consulting partners, Sarah Kavanagh at ClarkKavanagh Consulting, we have built a Pain Point Survey to identify the biggest challenges for legal operations personnel.

Here is your chance to make known those daily work activities that are inhibiting productivity and effectiveness. Please share as many examples as possible.

In the new year, we will compile the data and publish the results in our February 2023 MyLegal Newsletter.

We look forward to your participation and input. It is our hope that the data derived from this survey helps legal ops leaders throughout the industry bring about the necessary changes needed to make the daily work of legal department staff much more productive and enjoyable.

So, if you have a minute, take the brief survey here.

Please pass this on to anyone and everyone in the legal ecosystem so we can capture the broadest set of data possible. Thank you in advance.

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