MyLegal Technology Spotlight: Personalization

Personalization is often overlooked when selecting an automation platform. It is actually quite critical in wide deployments. As utilization of process automation increases, the expectations become greater for the various stakeholders. The vision for most is to make the intake and collaboration processes as intuitive as possible.

Planning is required to provide a more tailored experience. To enable your design, the platform needs to support configuring unique ways to interact with the portal. A simple way to visualize this is having the system recognize the user when they access the system. But it goes much further than that. Ideally the system must serve up content and/or functionality that is relevant to a user’s role. Elements of the system must be able to be categorized or grouped to help create a more logical navigation.

The MyLegal platform, with its sophisticated enterprise grade user/role management feature set, can leverage SSO and other defined system capabilities to personalize unique user experiences based on role and user profile, providing a much better way for the legal staff and its customers to engage. These features make intake processes far more robust and efficient, since forms are auto populated with user information derived from a MyLegal User Profile application and/or connected data sources.

Another challenge is that currently legal staff must navigate multiple software applications, and thus multiple user interfaces, to complete existing work activities for the wide variety of request types being made of the legal department. This occurs in large part due to lack of integration between the disparate systems, as well as general limitations within these applications that make up their technology stack. Nearly all general legal applications automate very specific sets of activities, but have difficulty automating larger global or end-to-end work process streams.

MyLegal overcomes this challenge by linking the legal department’s existing legacy systems/ applications with MyLegal’s powerful automation platform, using more than 70+ native integrations to do it. These integrations include a broad array of application specific connectors, REST APIs, Web Services, and Webhooks. In this way end-to-end workflow can be enabled. By leveraging our deep integration capabilities to access vital data, no matter its origination point, MyLegal is able to deliver a much more unified user experience.

It is important to note that this type of personalization functionality is either completely missing or is severely lacking in most workflow automation tools and platforms. The importance of a personalization layer cannot be overstated. It plays a key role in simplifying the user experience across all your legal business applications whether you are a legal staff member, an employee, or external partner/outside counsel.

Personalization has been enhanced in MyLegal 2.0. Come see a demo at the 2023 CLOC Global Institute in Las Vegas, booth #543.

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