MyLegal™ Extends CLM Lite Functionality To Support Knowledge Management And GenAI

May 8, 2024 

Sacramento, California – El Dorado Hills based Legal Automation Group, LLC, a legal technology software developer has extended its best-in-class MyLegal Legal Front Door® and AI/Automation software platform with its recently released CLM Lite & Knowledge Base Repository. 

“Over the last several years, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) initiatives have been the focus for many legal departments. Success with CLM implementations has been limited. Cost overruns and significant project delays have been prevalent and many of the features offered from the CLM platform vendors remain unused or limited in scope” stated MyLegal’s CEO, Jim Tate. “Take for instance, document assembly. CLM solution providers struggle to weave their document assembly capabilities into contract related departmental and global workflow streams”.

By virtue of having an in-built knowledge base repository, MyLegal is now capable of supporting document generation during a contract review and approval, or any work process.

As an added benefit, content becomes more “intelligent” through our unique features. The platform’s utilities allow for files to be tagged and permission levels are attributed to each document. OCR capabilities are leveraged for defined content elements and administrators can adjust as needed. These processes automatically train MyLegal’s large language model (LLM), which in turn, delivers more information that is able to be disseminated through MyLegal’s GenAI Legal Services Assistant (LiSA).

CEO Jim Tate remarked, “Whether it is a contract related use case or not, MyLegal can now generate critical documents needed as part of your legal work process, while enabling end-to-end automation. That has proven to be extremely difficult and costly with many of today’s CLM solution vendors. We now provide an alternative which promises much better ROI and time-to-value measures”.

About Legal Automation Group, LLC 

Legal Automation Group (LAGL) helps legal departments and law firms of all sizes transform their organizations based on decades of experience and next generation technology platforms that can be quickly and cost effectively configured to solve even the most challenging scenarios.  

MyLegal is an innovative solution for overwhelmed and under-resourced legal departments. It combines automated workflows accessed through a centralized, collaborative portal or Legal Front Door®, a GenAI Legal Services Assistant (LiSA), with self-service functionalities, and more than 30 of the most sought-after legal department work processes.  

MyLegalTM is changing the face of legal operations departments, and enabling them to reduce burdensome activities, improve collaboration, become more efficient, and reduce costs. 

The Legal Front Door® and Legal Department Front Door® are trademarks of Legal Automation Group LLC.

For more information on Legal Automation Group and MyLegalTM visit 

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