Legal Department

Like most in legal department management, you probably have an ever-increasing need for resources due to growing demands for legal services.

The legal staff is overwhelmed with inefficient, low-value work processes. Most feel tools can’t make a difference due to competing priorities and budget constraints. The traditional answer is to continue to hire more staff.

Previous attempts to automate the department may have led nowhere. Budget restrictions and limited time and staff make digitally transforming the department feel insurmountable.

New technology purchases get bogged down by other IT priorities and agendas. Most legal department leaders lack the necessary tools to be self-supported, nor do they have enough technical background to address all of the objections IT might raise.

A New Approach…

Managers, Directors and VPs are beginning to chart a different course for their legal departments. They are embarking on a journey of digital transformation starting with recognizing the importance of process improvement and automating processes as quickly as possible. They are avoiding long, complex deployments of point solutions, and challenging others that are keeping them from getting immediate results.

If your legal department is ready for transformative change, MyLegal will help you avoid the common pitfalls departments have experienced. Enabling you to achieve more, far more quickly, and ultimately become an “agent of measurable change”.

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Pre-Developed Solutions

Deploy highly tailored applications without the need for lengthy project efforts.

Immediate ROI

Faster time-to-value coupled with an affordable license model, enables an immediate return on investment.

Affordable License Model

Leverage an enterprise capable platform for less cost than simple workflow tools.

MyLegal Buying Process Tool

Tryout MyLegal while you coordinate your automation platform purchase. Everything you need to manage the justification, and application review processes can be managed in this application.