Employee Self-service

The goal for most legal departments is to provide more self-service capabilities to company employees. The challenge has been setting up a centralized location where the user can access more than just information. In addition, the system must be intuitive enough so the user can complete the work activities without involvement from the legal staff.

MyLegal makes it simple for employees to interact with the legal department. Every service available is centralized into a single location. Here they can obtain information, start service requests, leverage automated applications to complete services on their own, and collaborate with the legal department while they are conducting work processes.

The key is simplicity. Using intuitive and dynamic forms and/or chat bots, the user is assured that their request contains all the necessary information required to support them.


Collaborate more effectively with department staff, employees, outside counsel and service providers.

Automated Intake

Standardize intake of matters, invoices and service requests for accuracy.

Request Triage

Triage requests faster through intelligent routing, review and approval processes.

Centralized Portal

Everything you need from legal all in one place.