Continuous Improvement

Forward-thinking, innovative legal departments are looking to continually evolve. They recognize that their systems will need to be modified to keep up with the pace of change over time. Other systems’ limitations often prevent modifications at the pace required to stay nimble. When a change is needed, they are forced to return to the original custom app developer or to the point-solution vendor and wait for support to make changes.

MyLegal enables continuous improvement through native agility. Applications built on the AgilePoint platform never generate compiled code, so they can be simply modified at any point, without negative implications. The department can change screens, workflow processes, data integrations, and result output without needing to write and compile code. There is no need for end-to-end system testing. Your changes can be reflected within minutes.

Enterprise scale

Eliminate the headaches caused by basic workflow tools, by deploying apps fit for the enterprise.


Build apps faster without dependency on IT or developers.

Citizen Development

Legal department staff can build and maintain applications without dependence on the vendor, IT or developers.