Analyst Recognition


AgilePoint was recognized as a leader in Digital Process Automation – “AgilePoint provides very strong tools for business developers while enabling professional developers to build more complex applications.”

“The breadth of services for process automation is wide, covering nearly every functional capability that the majority of use cases require. Customers mentioned development speed across a wide array of use cases and cost as primary areas of satisfaction with AgilePoint.”

AgilePoint believes that their ranking as a leader from Forrester confirms the breadth and depth of the company’s capabilities for process management and process automation.


“AgilePoint’s background is in business process management (BPM) technology but undertook an early transition into low code development tools for automating business operations. It provides multi-tenancies using either on-premises, private cloud or in the cloud deployments.”

AgilePoint’s BPM background is reflected in its model-driven Business Process Model Notation (BPMN -compliant) AgilePoint NX environment for building extensible process-centric or data-centric applications aimed at the non-technical developers. More complex extensions can be built in C or Visual Basic using AgilePoint’s software development kit.”

“To assist developers, AgilePoint’s ecosystem store includes popular process patterns, 70 predefined integrations, 50 domain-specific data entry types and 700 process activities. AgilePoint also participates in other vendor’s ecosystems; and it appears, for example on the Salesforce AppExchange and Microsoft AppSource.”

“AgilePoint focuses on Providing value for money and it offers good current user and transaction pricing options scores from reference customers for AgilePoint’s pricing and value for the money or higher than those received by most vendors.”