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We often hear from legal operations leaders that one thing that keeps them up at night is the daunting task of figuring out how to improve departmental productivity and efficiency, while reducing costs. In essence, how to do more with less.

While this is one of many yearly objectives, increasingly it is becoming the legal team’s #1 priority. Driving this prioritization is C-Suite directives, which are being mandated in order to negate potential consequences resulting from economic uncertainty. 

We are now just a week away from our industry’s most important event – 2023 CLOC Global Institute, in Las Vegas. At CLOC, legal operations leaders will gather en-masse in hopes of finding key technologies that will best solve their challenges and eliminate sleepless nights.

In the past, I have written extensively on a variety of technologies that significantly improve a legal department’s efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs (read my articles here: Legal Front Door, Citizen Development, and Low Code/No Code Automation).

At CLOC 2022, Legal Automation Group, LLC (LAGL) launched its innovative MyLegal Legal Front Door and Automation Platform, which combines all of these transformative technologies and more to offer the most comprehensive solution on the market. Since that launch, MyLegal has proven to be a solution that can be quickly implemented at scale (within 90-120 days) to dramatically improve the efficiency and productivity of one’s legal operations. This has resulted in best-in-class ROI and time-to-value measures for our customer deployments.  

So, what is next?

At CLOC 2023, we will showcase MyLegal 2.0!

MyLegal 2.0 features UI/UX design improvements primarily to its Legal Front Door (LFD)/Collaboration portal, the upper layer of the MyLegal automation solution.  

For those of you not quite sure what a Legal Front Door (LFD) is, let me explain. A LFD is a centralized portal, or unified landing page, containing everything needed to support employees, outside counsel, and department staff, including access to all legal department applications. It is best described as a self-service environment and multi-faceted intake system for all of the various types of requests made to the legal department. To learn more about the Legal Front Door, read here.

Design enhancements for MyLegal’s Legal Front Door 2.0 include:

Expanded My Apps Functionality – A core element of the MyLegal LFD user interface is its centralized applicationlauncher. This functionality provides easy access to all MyLegal applications, and now also other department apps. We have extended the launch tiles to include a general description of the application, and it is now possible to configure your application tiles to display links to video tutorials and/or related application information. Lastly, enhanced application tile categorization capabilities allow users to better organize their applications to more closely match their needs and work activities.

Updated Form Design – MyLegal now supports a more contemporary form design which includes a category color scheme that matches the application launch tiles to more easily identify applications from the same category or group within the department.

Enhanced Personalization – MyLegal has extended its personalization capabilities which are designed to tailor the user experience to the various stakeholders, thereby speeding up intake and request processing while reducing user error.

Updated User Site Design – MyLegal portal pages have been redesigned to display one set of functionalities at a time. Thisimproves navigation and reduces page scrolling.

Aesthetic improvements – The new and improved MyLegal portal page now includes features such as a configurable welcome banner, which lets the user know if they have tasks to work on.

While I highlight key changes made to the Legal Front Door portion of our solution, please note we have also made some product enhancements to our Citizen Development/Low code/No code development layer as well.   

So, if you plan on attending CLOC, stop by Booth #543 for a brief demonstration of MyLegal 2.0. We’d welcome the chance to learn about your needs and to share with you real life examples of corporate legal department transformations brought about by MyLegal’s one-of-a-kind automation platform.  If you do not plan to attend but have an interest in a meeting, book a consultation here.

In either case we look forward to touching base soon.

Jim Tate

CEO & Co-Founder


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